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Meet “THE ERASER”: A Revolutionary New Laser that will change everything you thought you knew about tattoo removal…


The PicoSure Laser is the biggest advancement in tattoo removal technology in the past fifteen years. The PicoSure literally blasts tattoo ink into dust-like particles that are washed away by the bloodstream.

Other lasers often require twenty visits, or more, and still don’t always work. With the PicoSure, fewer than half the visits, often as few as five, are needed to ERASE tattoos completely. It even works on previously treated tattoos.

The PicoSure Laser immediately makes all other tattoo removal lasers obsolete

Others may say they are the best, but if they don’t have the PicoSure…they aren’t
There are only 8 PicoSure Lasers in Florida and 65 in the world